Sky Soldier Bill Rasool

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As you can see I have not spent very much time on my site. I have so many others to work on I have totally disregarded my own site. This will change I promise. Look forward to more pictures and exciting stories from the front lines.

U.S. Paratroopers Born To Raise Hell!

Trying to live up to that old airborne saying is getting harder and harder.  

Green Ramp Fort Bragg, North Carolina

Wow! Who is this mean looking dude?

God Bless Our Warriors...

Defenders of this great country and guardians of freedom. Your rights of passage is not being earned in the same location as those that have gone before you.  But your task and mission reflect that of your Fallen Comrades! God bless you all!

Airborne School Fort Benning, Georgia

This was a time when blasting was BLASTING!